Charting Churchill
Canadian photographer Leslie Hossack’s book CHARTING CHURCHILL: An Architectural Biography of Sir Winston Churchill (2016) contains 60 fine art photographs of buildings linked to Churchill’s personal and political life, in London and beyond. Leslie Hossack contends that contemplating these contemporary images helps us gain new insights into Churchill’s complex character and times.

The book includes: individual descriptions of each photograph; a foreword by Churchill’s bibliographer, Ronald I. Cohen; an essay by British High Commissioner to Canada, Howard Drake; and a conversation with the artist by Dr. Anja N. Caspary, consulting editor. Further information is found in the appendix which contains a chronology, maps, sources, bibliography and index of photographs.

Leslie Hossack’s photographic skills are in ripe evidence. The book is fresh and original;
it will be a delight to its readers.

Ronald I. Cohen, MBE
Sir Winston Churchill’s bibliographer

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